Registration Help for Attorneys

Click here to get a temporary password via email. Once you have logged in using the temporary password you can change it by clicking on Attorneys in the upper right hand corner of the screen and clicking on Change Password.
There are three possibilities:
  1. You entered your email address or bar ID incorrectly. Please try again.
  2. You have not created an account. Create an account by following the steps here.
  3. You DID create an account, but never clicked on the activation link in the confirmation email you received. We can activate your account for you. Contact us at the email address below.
If neither of the first two steps works, email us.
If your firm is relatively new, it may not be in the system yet. Email us to confirm.

Trust Account Registration Help for Firm Admins

Email us and we will create a password for you.
Email us to make sure you are using the correct password and that we have the correct email address for you.
Make sure you are entering your account number and not the bank routing number. Your account number is usually the last series of the three series of numbers along the bottom of your check. That error means that one person who has an account at your bank entered THEIR routing number instead of their account number!